Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy Temple - Chennimalai Thirukkovil Specialities

Moolavar specialty

The Moolavar (main deity) Chennimalai Aandavar is equated to the Sevvai graham or planet Mars and all the rest of the eight planets encircle the Lord in perfect harmony. If one circumambulates the main deity he is believed to get the benefit of circumambulating the navagrahâs and worshipping them. Also, this temple is considered to be a ‘Parihara Stala’ for ‘Sevvai Doshah

The wonder of Bull Cart climbing the Steps

This is where an unusual phenomenon, rather a miracle took place in the year 1984 on 12 February. A bullock cart with two bulls climbed the 1320 steps on their own to reach the temple. More than 10 Lakh devotees from all around had gathered the previous night itself and witnessed this miracle.

Valli Teyvannai Temple

As we go further up behind the temple we see the Valli Teyvannai temple. They are in penance to attain Lord Muruga. They are known by the names Amirthavalli and Sundaravalli. A separate temple for Valli and Teyvannai is the most unique feature of this temple.

Kanda Shasti Kavacham offering

The popular daily prayer of Murugan Devotees, Kanda Shasti Kavacham was first offered to the world in this temple by Balan Dêvarâya Swamigal. From that day onwards till today many devotees keep chanting this prayer every day.

Shasti Vratam

The observance of Shasti fast is also a special feature in this temple. Many devotees take this vow and spend 6 days fasting and praying at the temple premises. The monthly Shasti day after the new moon is also observed with great reverence.Particularly those devotees without progeny sincerely observe this Shasti fast and there are many instances of families coming traditionally on getting their vow fulfilled.

Pinnâkau Siddhar

On the top of the hill we find the Pinnâkau Siddhar cave with the front yard filled with Vel of different sizes and shapes. IT is ancient lore that this cave leads to Pazhani. This Siddhar is one of the popular 18 Siddhar known to the world for their Siddha yoga.

Distinguishing features of the Temple

1.   Also known as Siragiri, Chennimalai is approximately 3000 years old ancient Hill Temple, offering prayers here is considered distinctive.

2.   Punnaaku Sittar’, one of the 18 sittars, lived here and attained Moksha. The cave where he did his penance can be seen here.

3.   The Moolavar is in ‘Sevvai Amsa’ and other eight grahas of Navagraha, are graciously blessing in ‘Deva Koshta’.

4.   Sri Arunagiri nathar, the famous Tamil Poet, has sung five songs about this temple, in ‘Tirupugazh’ and he received ‘Padikasu’, wealth of coins from Lord Muruga.

5.   The famous ‘Sri Skanda Sasti Kavacham’ was launched by Sri Bala Devaraya Swamigal at this Temple.

6.   Sri Valli and Sri Deivanai, both in one stone, in a separate temple is a unique speciality.

7.   A speciality of this stala is that Childless couple, who follow ‘Vratha’ on the sixth day from Amavasya (Shasti) are blessed with Children.

8.   Sri Sengathurai Poosariyar and Sri Vettuvapalayam poosariyar lived and offered services here. They attained Moksha.

9.   Decorated Bulls carry the ‘Abhisheka items’ through 1320 steps for the daily abhisekam of the Moolavar, which is unique to this temple.

10.   This temple has ‘Maamanga Theetha’, a stream which automatically overflows once in 12 years.

11.   Devotees of Chennimalai Andavar, seek approval through ‘Sirasupoo uttaravu’ before important activities like marriage,   buy/sell property or start of new business and follow God’s order. If the reply is positive they whole-heartedly perform that   action or event. Traditionally if the answer is negative the Devotees do not venture further.

12.   To the awe of the whole world, on 12.02.1984, twin bullocked cart climbed through the 1320 steps of this hill temple.

13.   The Hundi of the Hill temple was stolen on the night of 02.09.2013, but the whole amount was miraculously   found on Amavasya evening of 05.09.2013.